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Multifunctional Media Player

PotPlayer 1.7.21612 [220302] 32/64-bit for Windows

+ Added the ability to load external chapters in txt format - Improved handling of hiding mouse cursors - Fixed an issue where the folder monitoring function in the playlist did not work - Fixed the subtitle times being combined when they overlaped

PotPlayer 220106 32/64-bit for Windows

- Fixed an issue where skin UI did not appear in certain situations on the full screen

- Fixed AAC/MP3 navigation to move more accurately

- Fixed the navigation speed to work faster when playing HTTP streams

- Fixed an issue where playback finished when navigating certain MP4

PotPlayer 211118 32/64-bit for Windows

+ Added the ability to fill other monitors black in full screen

+ Added the ability to delay the end of a section iteration when repeating an interval

- Fixed an issue that no sound while playing certain MPEG TS files

- Fixed an issue where audio capture was not available in certain situations

- Fixed an issue that caused AC3 to appear when playing certain DD+ audio

- Fixed an issue where there was time error when making bookmarks playlist

- Fixed an issue where subtitles were small when you specified a very large subtitle font size

PotPlayer 210929 32/64-bit for Windows

+ Added quick repeat function

- Fixed an issue that caused the program to behave abnormally when playing certain MP4 files

- Fixed an issue that caused an error when skin was changed during playback in certain situations

PotPlayer 210729 32/64-bit for Windows



* Removed sponsorship-related features from the program's live mode

+ Added the ability to set playback time format copied to clipboard

- Fixed a problem that causes screen to broken when playing certain H.264 TS files

- Fixed an issue where sounds could not be played with too high a sample rate

- Improved handling of overlapping subtitle times when using the function minimum showing period

- Fixed a problem that causes playback to stop with certain MP4 files

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